LSR/LSM Injection Molding

Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR), Liquid Silicone Injection Molding(LSM) / FORESHOT founded in 1985 has more than 30 years in plastic injection industry. In order to give customers more comprehensive service, FORESHOT integration of OEM / ODM and continue develop new technology.

Precision Injection Molding

Precision Injection Molding

FORESHOT is using precise molds and advanced V-Line injection machine to produce and control each item in micro level. Precision Injection Molding is applied in Vehicle Accessories, Medical Appliances and Accessories, cameras, gears inside of CD player or printer, earphone components and LED etc which are required highly precise standard.



RHCM (Rapid Heat Cycle Molding) is not only vanish the weld line of the surface, but also lighten up the rate of gloss and higher mold replication. RHCM technology application like plastic parts in Network Communication equipments and Computers / Communications / Consumer electronics.


Over 33 Years LSR/LSM Injection Molding Manufacturer | FORESHOT

Based in Taiwan, FORESHOT Industrial Corporation, since 1985, is a plastic injection molding manufacturer. Main service, including: LSR/LSM、double-shot injection molding、insert injection molding、micro injection molding、thin-wall injection molding、RHCM、precision injection molding、metal stamping、SMT and assembly.

Plastic injection molding, electronics manufacturing, product design and vehicle accessories services with over 2,000 employees. FORESHOT's products are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 16949, RoHS2.0 certified and meet UL safety standards.

FORESHOT has been offering customers high-quality plastic injection molding since 1985, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, FORESHOT ensures each customer's demands are met.

LSR/LSM Injection Molding

Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR), Liquid Silicone Injection Molding(LSM)

LSR/LSM applied in Computers / Communications / Consumer electronics.
LSR/LSM applied in Computers / Communications / Consumer electronics.

LSR/LSM Injection Molding

Organosilicone known as Silicone, it is a type of molecular chain and a non-breakable Polysiloxane that it's a silicon atom combined with oxygen atom.

Silicone has various kinds of material、unique functions and wide range of uses. It's an indispensable chemical materials that also call 「technology development catalyst」. As shown below is material classification.

Silicone Material Classification

FORESHOT has LSR/LSM Liquid Silicone Injection Molding technology and  offers variety types of mold to satisfy different demands, such as V-Cut without flash molding type and precision Cold Runner type.

The method of Liquid Silicone injection molding is injection molding after mixing A, B liquids,as shown below.

LSR Injection Molding

LSR Injection Molding Process

LSR is injection molding with the liquid silicone,although it's a high temperature hardening silicone but it has a lower viscosity than HTV and other elastomers.

LSR form is liquid, so it can be supplied to the injection molding machine continuously, thereby making product automatically formed.

Therefore, it not only improve production efficiency, but also has excellent physical properties, as shown below.

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Process


  • High Temp Resistance: Outstanding material property in the condition of high temperature (over 200°C) for long time.
  • Low Temp Resistance: Outstanding flexibility in the condition of low temperature (-70°C).
  • Low Compression Set: Possible to be used for application such as sealing and gasket due to outstanding compressed permanent strain.
  • Chemical Resistance: Outstanding oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance, aniline, alcohol or alkali cannot be invaded.
  • Electric Property: Having hydrophobic for water and excellent electric insulation.


  • LSR/LSM Injection Molding could be applied in Computers / Communications / Consumer Electronics: Ear Plugs, Smart Watch Band, Wristband, Medical Products.
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  • Double-Shot Injection Molding - Double-Shot Injection Molding applied in Keyboard, Vehicle Accessories.
    Double-Shot Injection Molding

    Double-Shot Injection Molding uses plastic polymers to mold plastic parts with multiple colors, materials or components with complex designs in one mold and machine. Double-Shot injection molding allows versatility, is simpler and more cost effective in comparison to other processes.Double-Shot Injection Molding requires attention that strengthen of joint is one of critical issue to be considered.FORESHOT could use this technology to shorten the cycle time, assembly cost, human resource and turnover rate.Double-Shot Injection Molding apply in keyboard、Computer / Communication / Consumer Electronics、Electronic Components、Precision Components and Vehicle Accessories etc.

  • Precision Injection Molding - Precision Injection Molding applied in Vehicle, Medical Device, LED.
    Precision Injection Molding

    Over the past few years, the demands for plastic injection products have seen considerable increase in consumer electronics products, transportation applications, medical supplies, etc. With the advanced development of precision machine and fast progress of plastic injection technique, progressing from general injection mold to micro injection mold manufacturing, the standards of precision and quality for the completed products of small Precision Components、Electronic Components、Computer / Communication / Consumer Electronics and Vehicle Accessories etc..FORESHOT is dedicated to the development of precision plastic technique and processing, improvement of precision mold, and advancement of plastic object measurement technique, to provide its clients the products with high added value and competitiveness.FORESHOT using precise molds and advanced Sodick V-Line injection machine and JSW high-speed injection machine to produce and control each item in micro level.

  • Insert Injection Molding - Insert Injection Molding applied in Computers / Communications / Consumer.
    Insert Injection Molding

    Insert Injection Molding could be called Insert Molding or Over Molding, which a sole part is formed using two or more different materials in combination. In Insert injection Molding can either be incorporated at the time of the molding process or can be inserted as post molding operation.Especially, if properly selected two kinds of material, it will obtain a strong bonding of the molded part. Therefore, the used of primers or adhesive was no longer required to achieve an optimum bond between two materials.This process of insert injection molding results in a strong bonded and integrated assembly with plastic encapsulated inserts.Insert molding made from the following material :Ceramic、Plastic、Metal and The substance that can withstand the high temperature of injection molding process.

  • Assembly Service - Assembly Applied In VOIP Phone, Router, Mini Projector, Bluetooth Headset, Game Controller
    Assembly Service

    FORESHOT has great experiences from mold design to assembly service including SMT, PCBA, EMS, plastic product injection, precision plastic parts manufacturing, metal stamping, glue dispense, Ultra Sonic Welding, Ultra Sonic Parts Cleaning, and Product Packaging, With its consistent manufacturing flow service, FORESHOT enables the perfect realization of producing products from scratch for clients.

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