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Optical Components

Apply in Optical Accessories/Micro Optical Components

FORESHOT Technology Applied in Light Guide Plate、Lens holder etc.
FORESHOT Technology Applied in Light Guide Plate、Lens holder etc.

FORESHOT founded in 1985 has more than 30 years in plastic injection industry. In order to give customers more comprehensive service, FORESHOT integration of OEM/ODM and continue develop new technology. FORESHOT Service Including Molding Design, Plastic Injection Molding, Metal Stamping, Assembly Service to Final Product It's let customer satisfied.

In addition, R&D team is working on technology application and innovation for product integration and better productivity. What's more, FORESHOT insists to follow standards of international quality certification.

Precision injection molding is the most efficient mass production technology for manufacturing plastic optics.

Foreshot precision injection molding、 micro Injection Molding and thin wall injection molding applications of plastic optics in field of imaging, illumination, and concentration demonstrate a variety of complex surface forms,such as light guide plate、lens holder、optical components and micro optical components.

Referring to precision injection molding, form accuracy, residual stress, and transparency are critical factors to influence quality of plastic optics. Nevertheless, such critical factors are determined by product design, mold design, molding machine, mold installation accuracy, selected plastic materials, process parameters, post processing, etc.

FORESHOT using precise molds and advanced Sodick V-Line injection machine and JSW high-speed injection machine to produce optical components. The process chain for manufacturing an optical product and optical components as shown:

Foreshot process chain for manufacturing an optical product

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