Quality Control

FORESHOT Quality Control for Plastic Injection Molding and EMS(Electronics Manufacturing Services).

Quality Control

FORESHOT has international certifications of safety and quality: UL Standards for Safety、ISO 9001、ISO 14001、OHSAS 18001、ISO 16949、RoHS2.0.

FORESHOT Quality Control for Plastic Injection Molding and EMS(Electronics Manufacturing Services).
FORESHOT Quality Control for Plastic Injection Molding and EMS(Electronics Manufacturing Services).

With certification of ISO 9001:2000, the QC of FORESHOT consists of the customer support department, which is responsible for external relations such as handling customer complaints, product development and changes, and version control, and the quality assurance department, which takes care of internal business such as providing online quality required by clients and tracking quality improvement of incoming materials.

In addition, the quality system department is responsible for tasks including coordinating the internal and external operation systems, precision measurement and tool calibration, control of document receiving and delivering, internal audit, ERP part number encoding、control of BOM table、KPI operation、proposal for improvement、5S、educational training and support for overseas quality system.

With many years of practical experience and contributions, the improvement of quality management business and efforts made by the quality control department is recognized by almost all clients. In the establishment of overseas production locations, QC is responsible for equipment evaluations, assistance in product transfer, RMA handling, and after sales service, which enables all operations to meet the clients' demands with reasonable cost and emphasis on efficiency and function alike.

The QC department at FORESHOT assures its clients smooth delivery on schedule with stable quality and is at earnest service of its clients.

ISO Net Document Management System - Implementing Continuous Audit for Internal Quality Improvement

1. Conduct internal audit twice a year as directed by ISO 9001:2000.
2. Utilize the "Internal Audit Manual" to conduct audit plans effectively, track and make a complete summary of faults with relevant statistics, and verify the effectiveness of the corresponding solutions.
3. Insist "consistent improvement" and achieve "the highest degree of client satisfaction".
4. Attention from high level and cooperation of all individuals are needed to support the operation system that meets the requirements of clients and the corporation.

EMS Equipment Calibration System

1. Automated equipment calibration control system without geographic or space limitations.
2. Compliant with the control requirements by QS 9000.
3. Automatic alert and backup system.
4. Automatic cost analysis.
5. Complete comparison of calibration record.

Precision Measurement Function and Equipment

The chief responsibility includes calibration tracing of individual equipment, maintenance, and examination of cost improvement management. It also provides the clients with measurement service and addresses any related measurement failure issues.

Major equipment's include professional tools such as 3D coordinate measurement tool, profile projector, torque calibration tool, gear mesh tester, melt flow tester, optical emission spectrometer, automatic temperature and humidity recorder, etc.

The automated measurement equipment is an automatic electronic machinery that is custom made according to the product properties and client production capacity and requirements.

ESS Improvement Proposal System

All employees are encouraged to study how to improve the efficiency, quality, cost, safety, environment, and technique in the obstacles and problems within the corporation. This practice can start with small details and progress to become a habit, bringing benefits to the individual, corporation, and the client.

KPI Performance Index

With effectively managing business core competitiveness, constructing sound business health in internal structure, preventing mistakes and continuing improvements toward excellence, FORESHOT has been able to maintain steady business operation and achieve well-operated business with high efficiency management.

FTP Control Structure

FORESHOT offers an FTP platform for digital information that allows its clients to transfer data globally in real time.

Staff Educational Training

New knowledge and experience are exchanged from external professional educators and internal expertise. Those are supportive performance capacity and ability of transformation and innovation for the staffs at FORESHOT. In addition, driven by the sustainable business model led by team learning, the core competitiveness of FORESHOT is maintained accordingly to brave the numerous competitions and challenges in the future.

Overseas Product Control

The product control network of FORESHOT is able to stably track the new product flow information with speed and accuracy.

RMA Product Control

Clients and internal personnel can access the follow-up information of brand new products through the RMA system of FORESHOT.

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