Company Profile

Injection Molding / LSM / Micro / Thin-wall / RHCM / Metal Stamping / SMT / VEHICLE

Company Profile

Plastic Injection Molding、EMS(Electronics Manufacturing Services)、Product Design、Vehicle Accessories.

Injection Molding / LSM / Micro / Thin-wall / RHCM / Metal Stamping / SMT / VEHICLE
Injection Molding / LSM / Micro / Thin-wall / RHCM / Metal Stamping / SMT / VEHICLE

FORESHOT founded in 1985 has more than 30 years in plastic injection industry. In order to give customers more comprehensive service, FORESHOT integration of OEM / ODM and continue develop new technology. FORESHOT service Including molding design、Plastic injection molding、Metal Stamping and Assembly service to final product It's let customer satisfied.

FORESHOT provides plastic injection molding services: LSR/LSM、Double-shot Injection Molding、Insert Injection Molding、Micro Injection Molding、Thin-wall Injection Molding、RHCM、Precision Injection Molding、Metal Stamping、SMT and Assembly service. FORESHOT technology service are applied in Computers / Communications / Consumer electronics、SMT & Electronic component part、Medical Appliances and Accessories、Optical Components and Vehicle Accessories.

In fact, FORESHOT has been devoted in Technology innovation for the best productivity. Therefore, RD team of FORESHOT is been studying innovation in the Acoustic design, Optoelectronic design, Electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering, Industrial design and Product planning. The most important thing is that FORESHOT can provide technology support of product development and solutions for precise cost control, and the maximum production capacity.

The R & D team of FORESHOT has been awarded numerous patents owing to its strong professional background. What's more, all of FORESHOT products are environmentally friendly and designed for easy recycling, which minimizes their impact to the environment.

In addition, FORESHOT has international certifications of safety and quality: UL Standards for Safety、ISO 9001、ISO 14001、OHSAS 18001、ISO 16949、 RoHS2.0.

FORESHOT Headquarters is in Taoyuan County Taiwan, and have Production Bases in China: KunShan, ZhongShan, DongGuan.
The following is the introduction of FORESHOT Group:

Company name: Foreshot Industrial Corporation
Founded: June, 1985
Headquarters: No. 7-1, Minquan Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33759, Taiwan (R.O.C)
TEL : 886-3-386-6231

Representative Corporate Executive Officers:
Chairman - James Kao
General Manager - Mike Tai

Major Service:
1. Mold Design & Manufacture.
2. Plastic Injection.
3. Metal parts Stamping.
4. Electronic Module Assembly.
5. PC components, LED lighting fixtures, Consumer Electronics Products.
6. Vehicle Accessories.

Employees: 2,100 (2,000 in China)

Foreshot Factory Production Lines

Foreshot (Taiwan) Major Service Including: System Assembly、Plastic Injection Molding.

ForeTech Optical (KunShan) Major Service Including: Plastic Injection Molding、Metal Stamping、Applied in NB、Network Communication Equipments、 Precise Component、Vehicle Accessories.

ForeTech Optical (ZhongShan) Major Service Including: Plastic Injection Molding、Acoustic Product Develop Design and Focus Acoustic Product、VOIP Phone.

ForeTech Optical (ShenZhen) Major Service Including: Plastic Injection Molding、Metal Stamping、From Mold Design、Injection Molding、Stamping to Assembly.

 Foreshot (Taiwan)ZhongShanDongGuan (Qingxi)KunShanTotal
Assembly Line-1811837
Injection Machine14 (180 ~ 350T)96 (45 ~ 600T)112 (50 ~ 2200T)92 (35 ~ 650T)298 (35 ~ 2, 200T)
Stamping Machine--62 (1.5 - 400T)-62 (1.5 - 400T)
Plastic Welding-64616
System Assembly44--8
International Certifications of FORESHOT Group

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