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06Aug 2018
FORESHOT import automation system which can increase capacity

With more than 30 years of practical experience, FROESHOT covers well-known brands at home and abroad. FROESHOT is committed to mold development, plastic injection, metal stamping, surface mount technology (SMT), dual in-line package (DIP) and system assembly services all have mature technology.At the same time, FROESHOT provides "one-stop" full-process service to meet the "one-stop" procurement requirements of customers and reduce the management cost of multi-party suppliers. And provide competitive prices and become your best partner.In order to provide high-quality products that satisfy customers, FORESHOT import automation system we have designed and developed a robotic intelligent production line dedicated to our customers' products, which reduces the problems of hot-melt embedded nails commonly found in the production of past products, such as leakage, tilting and improved process stability. Degree, etc., while reducing the number of cycles required in production and the number of workers.

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15Jun 2018
FORESHOT Expand PCBA and System Assembly Service

FORESHOT founded in 1985 has more than 30 years in plastic injection industry, Customers cover domestic and foreign famous brands. FORESHOT devoted in mold development、plastic injection molding、metal stamping、SMT(Surface Mount Technology)、DIP(Dual In-line Package)、system assembly services, all of that are proven technology and provide service let customer satisfied.At the same time, FORESHOT provide "one-stop shoping" process service and "one-stop shoping" purchase requirements which can reduce the cost of multi-vendor client management、provide competitive prices, and become your best partner.To enhance service quality, FORESHOT has provided professional teams in Taiwan and ZhongShan, China, to directly service customers' needs.For Manufacturers, Brands and Trading Company who are interested in cooperating you can contact for service, welcome to call or email inquiry about various products and customized services, FORESHOT will provide the most suitable service for your needs and solve your problems with the most effective solutions.

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